The Master Plan!

Thank you for not only taking an interest in Natural Health Improvement but, expressing your commitment to your health, your life and your future. One decision can change your life.

The Total Wellness Coach is committed to offering you State of the Art Techniques and over 20 years experience to help you achieve your health and wellness goals!

The Total Wellness Coach Master Plan Package!

  • Total Wellness Coach Podcast

  • Ask your questions through our blog

  • Our Discount on Professional Grade Nutritional Supplements

  • 90 Day Health Challenge

  • Monthly 30 Minute Health Strategy Call

  • Email Support

  • Personal Health History and Assessment

  • Nutritional Analysis of Lab Tests

  • Specific Recommendations

  • Diet Analysis

  • Meal Planning

  • 1 Year Transformation Health Coaching Plan

  • Lifestyle Survey

  • DNA Nutrition Assessment

  • DNA Fitness Assessment

  • Specific DNA Action Plan

  • Personal Health Strategy Session

  • Phone Support

  • Remote Computerized Health Assessments

  • Health/Life Goals Consultation

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